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Lisa Tiffen Style: Children's Books Lisa Tiffen is a children’s book author and illustrator. Grumps is her very first picture book.
Lisa Tiffen
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Frights by: Lisa Tiffen $25.00
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Sorrows by: Lisa Tiffen $25.00
Lovelies childrens picture by author Lisa Tiffen
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Lovelies by: Lisa Tiffen $25.00
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Grumps by: Lisa Tiffen $25.00

Lisa Tiffen has captured beautifully the big ugly thoughts that can happen when we are feeling grumpy – a really good read for both girls and boys!

– Maggie Dent

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Grumps by: Lisa Tiffen
$25.00 What happens when mum says it’s time to turn off the computer? Grumps happen that’s what. A quirky picture book that subtly explores the feeling of anger.
Carly R No avatar
" The girls love it! I had to read it again in the car before we drove home and they have been talking about grumps on their shoulders ever since. Just gorgeous. "
Krystal A No avatar
" Read my copy to my preschoolers today. They enjoyed it. Xx "
Belinda S No avatar
" I read it to Charlie at bedtime on Saturday night. As soon as we finished it he said 'again! again!'. "
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