Lovelies Book Launch June 16 2018
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Thank you everyone who came along to the launch of my second book Lovelies. Who knew a Post Office could accommodate such a fun and exciting event!? Thank you Gary, Laura and Pippa from Uki Post Office for being available and putting in the extra hours selling books and making coffee for the crowd! Smiling ALL the while!

Thank you to Jo, the exceptionally lovely Launcher. Your speech was fun and quirky and totally suited the atmosphere of the Lovelies book (and quite possibly also the royal wedding!) So wonderful to have your encouragement in my life!

A huge thank you to those small businesses who came on board to provide food, flowers and fabulous entertainment on the day! I appreciate greatly the hours of preparation and thought you put in to creating such fun, beautiful and delicious displays!!

And most importantly thank you Matt and Tina from One Tentacle Publishing without your help, support and encouragement Lovelies and Grumps would not exist and would possibly still be sitting at the bottom of a slush pile on a desk gathering dust.

Above: Some fancy people attending the Lovelies Launch!

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