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by: Lisa Tiffen

Heath’s beloved pet bird has flown away and the Sorrows have arrived. How will Heath ever be able to smile again?


Meet the Author
Lisa Tiffen resides in the Tweed Valley in Northern NSW, a part of the world perfect for creative stimulation, surrounded by mountains, trees, birds, friends and family. Inspired by her four children, Lisa began writing short stories intended to be produced as picture books. After a few years focussing on writing she decided to also give illustrating a try. Her first book Grumps is the result of that, and there are a few (if not many) more of her books on their way to the printers very soon! In her fleeting moments of spare time Lisa enjoys reading anything by Charles Dickens and the occasional Wodehouse novel. She also finds playing the dramatic sounds of Beethoven on her piano quite satisfying for the soul.
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About This Book

Sorrows is a picture book suitable for children (3-10 years) that subtly explores the feeling of sadness in a fun and thoughtful way.


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