Sorrows Book Launch December 1st 2018
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This time a year ago I released my very first book ‘Grumps’…and now we’re up to book number 3 – ‘Sorrows’!!

It was anything but a sad day at the Sorrows book launch. It was a day filled with sunshine and lollipops and rainbows and fancy blue lattes, made by Uki’s passionate coffee connoisseur Postmaster Gary.

There was not a tear in sight, luckily, as I had forgotten to supply tissues…

Sorrows was quite a difficult book to write and illustrate. The question was how to make a story about sadness something fun for kids to read? The book turned out to be both beautifully sorrowful with moments of joy shining through. As with ‘Grumps’ and ‘Lovelies’, ‘Sorrows’ paints a picture of an emotion and how humans respond to that emotion…thus it creates the opportunity for conversation and connection between child and adult as they can discuss feelings more openly.

I would especially like to thank Matt and Tina from One Tentacle Publishing for all their advice and encouragement during the writing and illustrating of this book. Thanks for allowing me the freedom to be as creative as I can be and inspiring me to go the extra mile. This book in particular shows the evolution of my artistic skill, which is mainly due to your cheerful teachings and support.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the launch, I hope you like my latest book. I’m a little bit proud of this one.

Lisa xx

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