The Colour of Music
On June 4, 2021 | 2 Comments

Hi there! It’s been a while!

So I have news! The Colour of Music has finally been released into the world! Hooray! I first wrote the manuscript for this book in 2017, which now seems like a lifetime ago!

I held The Colour of Music in my hands, as my eyes read the words and took in Matt Ottley’s beautiful pictures, there was a lump in my throat. I shed a tear. Even though I had written the words, and had seen the draft, to see this book in completeness, words and pictures merged on the page, brought forth emotion in me that was unexpected. This book was born from a deep desire to express my love and appreciation for music. I wanted to relate how my life has always been entwined with music, how music carried me through so many days filled with sorrow, anger and joy.

This book was also birthed from a place of learning,  I wanted to improve my writing skills, and then I took a huge leap into the world of music composition. I am not only composing for the instrument I am most familiar with, the piano, but for instruments foreign to my knowledge. (I am currently in awe of string musicians, there are so many different playing techniques to create their amazing sounds! They must have incredible brains!!) Soooo much learning has already happened…but there is oh so much more ahead of me! There will one day be music to accompany this book that I have written. Like building a house, the foundations have been laid, and we’re up to the plumbing and electricity, then onto painting and decorating!!!!

So, even though my soundtrack to this book is not yet ready, The Colour of Music lets you, the reader, think and consider the type of music you would attach to the words, colours and images. You are not limited to any type of musical genre or era. What is the music that touches your soul?

The book does touch on synaesthesia, which is a strange phenomenon where people’s senses get mixed up. For me it happens occasionally, involuntarily and without warning. During those times I will feel strongly that something I hear, read or smell is a particular colour, and it is usually just a fleeting moment. But Matt has explained to me that for him sounds present themselves visually, in colour, in his actual sight, all or most of the time. It is important to remember that people experience the world differently, and this diversity is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

I thank Anna Solding from MidnightSun Publishing for bravely agreeing to publish this beautiful work. It is not a book that will make you roll around on the floor laughing, or tell you a wonderful story with a beginning, middle or an end. This book is a quiet picture book. It is best read alone and reflectively. The art works on each page are meant to be gently contemplated. My twelve year old son summed it up perfectly “It is not a book that tells a story, it is a book that makes you think and feel.”


Trish Posted June 4, 2021 at8:48 am   Reply

So so love this blog….I admire your gift in both music and the written word. Following your heart’s desire making your dream come true. Congratulations Lisa

Wendy Dobson Posted June 4, 2021 at10:56 pm   Reply

Sharing with those I know will love this Lisa:):)

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